Ingredients Management Systems


We automate the handling process of your various ingredients, ranging from bulks to micros – flours, sugar, salt, maltodextrin, citric acid, spices, cocoa powder, milk powders, oils, etc. It starts right from the receipt of the raw ingredients. Granular and powdered ingredients are pneumatically conveyed and stored in their respective silos, whereas liquids are pumped into tanks.


This creates a systematic storage system and ensures a hygienic work environment. Various ingredients can then be utilized as per their individual requirements at downstream processes.

If the application requires batching and weighment of ingredients, we do that with the highest possible accuracies. Each ingredient can be individually weighed and transferred to either single or multiple locations on demand basis. The entire process is automated using PLC programming.

For applications requiring higher levels of automation, we provide Recipe Management System using SCADA architecture. Various different recipes are stored in the automation software. Upon selecting any given recipe, all the respective ingredients are dispensed in their pre-defined proportions and then conveyed to the downstream application – Batching or Mixing – in most cases. Weigh hoppers are used for bulk ingredients, whereas set weight feeders and trickle feeders are used for minor and micro ingredients, to ensure highest levels of individual weighing accuracies even for a wide variation in their individual proportions.

The entire system can be monitored and controlled from SCADA supervisory station, which provides real time processing data. Various forms of MIS reports can be fetched for analyzing performance, trends, material utilization, traceability and overall efficiency. The system can be integrated with ERP.

Our Ingredients Management Systems have been successfully implemented across wide industry applications such as for making biscuits, noodles, chocolates, spice blends, seasonings, instant mixes and various other forms of pre-mixes.