Mixing Systems


Our Mixers are used for multiple powder mixing applications like gentle homogenizing, intensive deagglomeration, dispersion, flavour distribution and coating. We seamlessly integrate our Mixers with both upstream and downstream equipment, so as to offer a complete Mixing System. These Mixing Systems can further be coupled with a CIP system for clean in place applications.


Post CIP operation, the complete system can be dried quickly using hot filtered air, thus enabling swift, short change-overs and enhanced productivity.

Our mixers are designed as per EHEDG and FDA guidelines. The construction is robust and suitable for mixing dry powders, grainy material and dry ingredients with liquids. The contact parts are smooth and devoid of joints. There are no sharp corners and dead pockets, ensuring zero* retention of powders post mixing cycle. Large hinged doors provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Both Vertical and Horizontal Mixers can be offered as per requirement. While Horizontal Mixers occupy lesser height, Vertical Mixers (single shaft and twin shaft) occupy lesser footprint and proffer shorter mixing times. The Mixers are available in various sizes starting from 50 L to more than 10 KL working volumes. Material of construction is selected as per the application requirement; AISI 304 to AISI 316L. ATEX compliant Mixing Systems are designed as per explosion zoning requirements.

*Almost nil; emptying efficiency > 99.5%


  • Spice blends
  • Seasonings
  • Bakery pre-mixes
  • Instant mixes
  • Dairy whiteners
  • Tea blends
  • Vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals
  • Chocolate pastes