Sieving Systems


We care for your products as much as we do for your processes. Our sieving systems are used for varied applications including classifying, grading, de-lumping, segregating agglomerates and foreign particles so as to prevent the contamination of powdered food ingredients during further processing.


Our range of sifters include Screeners and Graders which are primarily used for classification; Gyratory Sifters for screening as well as segregation; Rotary Sifters for de-lumping and segregation. When used as Inline sifters, these can be connected directly into pressure or vacuum conveying line.

The feed rate of material into the sifter is controlled by using screw feeders or rotary airlock valves, so as to prevent screen blockages and to achieve optimum sieving efficiency.


Flours – Inline safety screening to eliminate foreign impurities, during transfer to silos or to any downstream process application | Biscuits, noodles, Indian snacks.

Spices – Cleaning of whole seed spices and sieving of spice powders for normalizing particle size distribution.

Seasonings and Bakery Pre-mixes – Safety screening and de-lumping after final mixing.

Chocolates – Safety screening for segregation of lumps and to remove contamination