Size Reduction Systems


We offer a range of grinding solutions for multiple size reduction applications. Each food ingredient has a unique particulate structure, which demands a different way of cutting it down. Certain products require shearing action while certain others require impact force to break the particles to a lower size. Whether an ingredient needs conversion to flakes, small granules, coarse powders or very fine powders, we have the grinding solution.


Our size reduction systems comprise of a grinding mill, a feeding arrangement, a collection or transfer arrangement and a dust collector to ensure clean grinding operation. The entire operation is automated using PLC programming.

The grinding mill can be a Hammer Mill, Universal Mill, Nibbler or Shredder. The Universal Mill can be equipped with a stud mill with one rotating and one stationery disc (or) as a beater mill with beater disc or plate beater unit – for operation with various grinding tracks and screens.

The feeding arrangement regulates the flow of ingredients into the grinding mill. This prevents the mill from getting flooded and helps to achieve the desired granulation at required rate of outflow. Magnet arrangements and metal detectors ensure that the grinding chamber is free from ferrous and other metallic particles, eliminating the risk arising from probable sparks.

Post-grinding, the powders can either be collected from a receiving hopper or can be pneumatically transferred to a downstream application like sieving, grinding or extrusion.


  • Spices Grinding Systems – from whole spices to various forms of straight spice powders, including blends.
  • Flour Milling Systems – from various pulses and rice to different kinds of flours.
  • Sugar Grinding Systems – from crystal sugar to icing sugar, with various intermediate particle sizes. ATEX compliant systems are available on demand.
  • Cryogenic Grinding Systems – for applications where retaining the flavours and value strength of ingredients are of prime importance. Such grinding systems deploy liquid nitrogen to keep the temperature in the grinding chamber at low levels.