Spices Processing Systems


Our state-of-the-art spices processing systems are a marvel of technology. They provide untouched and dust-free processing of whole spices right from cleaning to grinding, even mixing.


The transfer of spices across the system is through pneumatic conveying. The entire operation is automated with various process and safety interlocks. What You get in the end is quality and consistency in the final products; safe, consistent and reliable operation; increased throughput and higher plant efficiency. These systems are versatile enough to handle all kinds of spices as well as flexible enough to run all (or) bypass any of the processes, as per Your choice.

Spices Cleaning We offer three types of cleaning systems for separating foreign impurities from whole spices – Chilli Cleaning, Seed spices Cleaning and Turmeric Cleaning. Each system is equipped with a set of specific machines to separate stones, wood chips, sand particles, metal bits, plastics, threads, strings and fine dust. The cleaning systems can be seamlessly integrated to the grinding system without any manual intervention.

Spices Grinding Post-cleaning, the spices are ground using either of the two technologies – Low Temperature Grinding or Cryogenic Grinding. Cold air is utilized in the previous case, while liquid nitrogen is deployed in the latter case, so as to keep the temperature in the grinding chamber as well as across the processing system within limits. This prevents loss of volatile oils, melting of heat sensitive fats, degradation of colour, as well as reduction in moisture content. The final spice powders are hence superior in terms of aroma, colour and flavour strength | The processing operation is trouble-free, efficient and produces higher yield.

Spices Mixing The spice powders prepared from our grinding systems can be pneumatically conveyed to a Mixer, so as to enable production of a variety of spice blends. This operation is also automated and devoid of any manual intervention. Even though Mixing is a batch process, the overall processing system is designed to achieve a continuous output.

Recipe Management Systems are offered on demand. This makes use of SCADA architecture in automation. Various different recipes are stored in the automation software. Upon selecting any given recipe, the respective spice powders are dispensed from their silos in pre-defined proportions and pneumatically conveyed to the Mixer.

Post-mixing, the final spice powders can be collected into 25 kg bags (or) jumbo bags (or) can be transferred into Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for systematic storage and for easy integration with the consumer packaging machines.