Steam Sterilization Systems


There are many methods of sterilization like ethylene oxide and irradiation, but most have been or will soon be restricted due to their potential health risks and adverse consumer acceptance.


Steam is ideal as it is non-toxic, inexpensive, safe and can be produced in abundance. Steam based sterilization is a natural process that does not leave behind any chemical residue.

Our steam sterilization systems are used for reducing microbiological pathogens present in whole spices. It is a cyclic process comprising of pre-vacuum, steam injection, drying and cooling. The cycle time is 90-120 minutes. It is effective in completely eradicating salmonella and E. Coli. Our process with its tightly controlled process sequence ensures that all the natural properties of spices for which they are valued like flavour, colour, taste and texture are retained.

Advantages of Axtel’s Steam Sterilization Systems:

  • Unique Trolley & Stack design configurations to ensure complete sterilization
  • Quick changeover of products, large capacity in a smaller foot print
  • HACCP Complaint Operation
  • Guaranteed Traceability
  • No Cross Contamination
  • Whole as well as Powdered Spices can be treated
  • Sterilization sequence for different product groups can be programmed, repeatability ensured
  • Inbuilt flexibility as mix of different products requiring similar treatment can be processed in one single batch
  • PLC controlled, one touch operation